Thursday, 31 January 2013

Australia Hand Bidet Sprayer Installation

Hand Bidet Installation Instructions Australia 

Although we are sure these instructions will also apply to many other countries bathrooms this particular application came from an Australian who was extremely helpful and forthcoming with this information.

1. Turn off main water supply at meter

2. Disconnect Cistern Feed from wall valve (if this is a solid pipe it will need to be replaced with a flexible braided hose).   

3. Put a bucket under the wall valve and disconnect valve from the wall outlet.

Use Plumbers tape on all threaded joints from here on:

4. Install adapter if needed (female to female) on wall outlet.

5. Install T-Valve (supplied)  on adapter.

7. Insert mesh washer (in wall-mount pack supplied) to spiral hose and connect to T-Valve.
8. Insert plain washer to hose and connect to spray nozzle.

9. Turn on water at main water supply and check of leaks.

10. Turn on T-Valve and check for leaks.

11. Install wall mount for sprayer nozzle in convenient and easy reach. 

Customer comments:    "Having been fortunate enough to live in a French-influenced part of the world for a couple of years, my wife and I were introduced to the benefits of a European-style bidet basin in the bathroom there.

Recently we decided to investigate installing one of these in our home in Australia.  During these investigations we came across the idea of an Asian-style bathroom sprayer, which seemed to make a lot more sense in terms of cost, space, ease of installation and multiple uses.

After checking many alternate suppliers we settled on Bathroom, who couldn't have been more helpful.  We had questions about different models, that were answered immediately by email, and our order arrived promptly with all parts exactly as it said on the website.

We've had a few back and forth emails since the installation (mainly to do with suggestions for future improvements) and Bathroom have been prompt, polite, helpful, encouraging and friendly throughout.  We cant recommend them highly enough."




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